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Here is a collection of song demo's that I created in FL Studio 20 in alphabetical order.

I am an intermediate guitar player, but completely new to producing music.


1. Strat Test

I recorded this song within 20 minutes of bringing my new strat home, and I think it turned out to be one of my best improv recordings so far. Needless to say I'm pretty happy with this $120 strat.

As for the beat, it's very simple on this one. Just pretty basic drums, and then a bass line playing a standard blues progression.

2. One Take

I made a simple loop consisting of drums, bass and piano, then I recorded an extended jam over it. The guitar was a single take after practicing for about 15 minutes, no cuts/retakes. There are plenty of mistakes but that's part of the fun, I think the first lead solo (starting at about 1:30) was definitely the highlight.

In this particular project I experimented more with the drum loop than on most of my songs. I also experimented with the riff machine, to make the fake instruments sound more like a human is playing them.



One of my first attempts at creating a "full band" loop in FL Studio. This is all fake instruments, and uses only the FL Studio legacy instrument pack.

Blues Jam

An extended jam of a simple blues progression. Heavy distortion, large reverb. The lead guitar was one take, warts and all, (though you may hear where it skips in a few places) and the rhythm was looped.

Big River

A kind of homage to Big River by Johnny Cash as covered by the Grateful Dead. I recorded the guitars, and made everything else in FL Studio.

In this one I experimented a lot with different panning settings, full band mastering, and double tracking.

Big River (backing track)

An extended version of above, without the lead guitar.


This is my first simple loop I created in FL Studio. Sounds kind of hip-hop ish aside from the "real" drum kit.


An experiment using the FL Studio orchestral instruments from the default instrument pack.

Saturday Night

The cheesiest of all my songs. Uses only the FL Studio legacy instrument pack. A homage to One More Saturday Night by the Grateful Dead.

Shiety Blues

A simple blues progression. Uses only the FL Studio legacy instrument pack.

Shiety Shooter

This was made for the game "Shiety Shooter" (here). It was also the first song I tracked real guitars in.